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Do you offer a free trial period?

How can I ask a question about Quantower to the support team?

What is Quantower?

How is Quantower different from other terminals?

What assets can I trade on with Quantower?

I found an issue in Quantower. How can I report it?

Purchase and licenses

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Can I purchase a license only for the TPO profile chart?

What features are included in the Advanced Features license?

What features are included in the Volume Analysis license?

What is included in Quantower Free version?

What is the difference between Crypto Package and Multi-Asset?

What is the difference between Multi-Asset and All-in-One license?

Why am I getting "declined to card issuer" status after payment?

Why isn't PayPal or similar international payment gateways available as payment methods for Quantower?

I want to trade Forex. Which license should I choose?

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What are the payment alternatives?

Pricing questions, Purchase and licenses

Can I get a discount on the license?

How can I pay for Quantower's license?

Platform operation

How can I set up a workspace over multiple monitors?

Does Quantower come with real-time or historical data?

I have several trading accounts. How can I switch between them?

I installed the platform but it does not start (or an error appears)

What are the system requirements to run the Quantower platform?

Can I use the Quantower platform on multiple computers?

Can I run the Quantower platform on my Mac?

Trade with Quantower

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