Assets & Brokers

Various brokers, exchanges & feeds

Get access to real-time, delayed and historical market data from various exchanges, MTFs, FX brokers and data feeds. Broad coverage of exchange, forex and crypto connections allows you to send trade orders across multiple asset classes.

Full list of connections

Various brokers, exchanges & feeds

Multiple assets

Trade Forex, Cryptocurrencies, Futures, Stocks, Options via a single platform

Multiple assets

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Simultaneous connection

Quantower platform provides synchro connection to different brokers and data providers

  • Compare trading data from multiple sources
  • Combine received data in synthetic symbols
  • Trade with multiple brokers/exchanges simultaneously

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Simultaneous connection

Spreads and synthetic symbols

Create, analyze and trade synthetic and exchange-listed spreads. Build a synthetic instrument with multiple legs and view it on a chart within the Quantower platform

Spreads and synthetic symbols

More features to explore

Charting & Analytics

We offer a comprehensive range of charting tools that provide traders with the flexibility to choose from a variety of timeframes, a multitude of technical indicators, drawing tools, a wide range of chart types, and exceptional customization options to suit their trading strategies.

Order Execution

Quantower offers a seamless trading experience, with fast and accurate order execution, transparency, security, and flexible order execution options. You can rely on our platform to provide you with the features you need to execute your trades efficiently and effectively

Options Trading

Quantower offers several key features for option trading, such as options chains, option Greeks, and option strategies. Our user-friendly interface provides every option trader with the necessary tools to make informed decisions and achieve their trading goals

Flexible Interface

Quantower provides excellent customization options for its trading interface, including panel binding and grouping, the ability to modify each panel's parameters and display, and the option to save these modifications as templates for future use

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